25 Jun 2015

20 Ways Impressive For Reception Area


We never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The old but wise adage rings particularly cutthroat in business.

Within milliseconds of entering the office, potential clients make up their minds about us and our company. In a glance, they instantly decide how trustworthy we are, if we’re broke or in the money and, oftentimes, if you’re good enough to do business with.

While we can’t control what people think, we can pad the first impression deck in our favor – and not just with a bowl of sweets and a comfy padded couch in your reception area. There are countless ways we can convey the success and professionalism of our business right in our entryway.

From offering a welcoming smile (this should be a given) to sprucing the space up with lush plants, to lighting up the company logo to offering free Wi-Fi, here are 20 ways you can make a positive, lasting first impression with the office reception.