• Team
  • Focus
  • Interact
  • Share


Focus is for individual work which requires concentration without distraction or person who handling private and confidential document.

This type of layout plan suitable for position such as: accountant, assistant, secretary, banker and tutor.

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Share is for small group of people to share information occasionally. Sharing mode helps the group to resolve issues faster and allow spontaneous cooperation when necessary.

This type of layout plan suitable for position such as: designer, sharing manager.

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Team is for larger group of members who work on a project or with a common goal.

A long and big table encourages frequent of communication between members. Instead of system partition, igreen offers numerous design of hanging panel to allow eye contact between members.

By adding in discussion table adjacent to working desk, members can always have team briefing or casual meeting. All that encourage collaboration and enhance productivity.


Activity space is important when a team needs to address an urgent issue or giving instruction. Besides, it’s also an informal way to provide connection between each other and provide opportunities to communicate and discuss. Besides, it’s a space for a team to discuss or giving instruction when there is an urgent issue. 

To furnish activity space, igreen offers wide range of furniture such as: round discussion table for 4 pax, rectangular discussion table for 6-8 pax and various design of settee which is more suitable for casual talk.

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