03 Sep 2016

6 Tips strategy for searching the right office workplace

Congratulations. Your company have achieve to start up to another level. you able to hired more employees and the room unit is no longer cutting it as Head quarter. It's time to upgrade to an actual office work space!

1. To know the work space that's need.

Typically, a strategy of work space is budgeting for about 1000 square feet for every six  to ten employees. what we suggest if you able to squeeze everyone in comfortably by using this basic formula, of course we still need to depending on the layout.

2. Find appropriate area for the employees. 

Find out where your employees stay and, from there, seek out an office space that’s relatively easy to travel as a regular basis. a centralized location always important for us to consideration in the process. you will retain more existing, talent and future if you make it convenient for every employees to get there.

3. Work with an trusted agent which is recommended.

Is good to to believe an agent as when you move to somewhere new and search for a new doctor, you wouldn’t want to leave this important up to chance. but on the other side we still caution and don't work with the agent which is not experience or never found an office space for someone that recommended you. 
Do some additional homework to support the recommendation. look up the area of others owner. talk more to the office neighbor check out around the area.

4. Consideration set up shop at a co-working space.

This is likely our best bet if we are working with a tight budget and require a flexible, lower cost arrangement, we will be around other starting types who are like-minded and, if we needs change, even suddenly, it can always move back to the old room unit in a pinch.
Consider on the specific employee working location, you could rent a range of spaces with employee-friendly environments, to dedicated private desks, to all meeting rooms -- on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis, or even indefinitely. Some websites are professional in connect starting ups with collaborate work atmospheres.

5. Never end up with an awful landlord.

An awful landlords are right up there with bad bosses. They can rune your life and the lives of your employees, it is miserable. make sure always end up with a landlord which is play fair and professional, talk to the neighbor tenants in the building. check up the building appliances so you wont move in with something worst that landlord have left and sticks with you.

6. in the market everything’s negotiable, even rent.

There is no hard or fast rules when it comes and nailing down an office rental. for example the rental fees was listed in a month with RM 3000 doesn't mean it is actual RM 3000 per month. we should always negotiate down the price at least between 5 to 20 percent. that you will surprised how much the owner actually are willing to let go the rental price.

For more tips and advice stay with us we do have more update not only for the tips, with too our latest workstation, office chair, and office equipment.