03 Jul 2018

I-WASP Quality Chair within Your Budget


I-Wasp has been serve most of our customer project office which is giving good feed back and no regret to own it in either pricing or comfortably expectation. with this good timeless design ​chair, easy to configure, solid presentable and importantly (less problem). we have hit the best selling chair which is up to 10,000 unit of chair with this model since early of 2017 while introducing to the market, and will be continue to suggest our client to get this chair while there is limited budget for their project. 

Why it is good for your office? The outstanding features of this chair are follows:

  1. There is a noiseless design for the mechanism, when tilting backrest, there is no noise.
  2. The thickness of mechanism wall is 3.0 mm.
  3. The thickness of steel plate on mechanism that connects backrest and seat is 4.0 mm.
  4. Curve design backrest offers extremely comfort.
  5. The seat is injected mould foam.
  6. Class 4 gas lift from Samhongsa company is used by chairs.
Please do contact us, for further information regarding for the I-Wasp Chair.