Adjustable CPU Holder

CPU Holder MYR229

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- Secure your CPU and save space on your floor or desktop

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Key Features

​- CPU Holder comes with two parts, the top plate and the adjustable holder.
Cordless drill required

​- Give your central processing unit (CPU) a secure spot on your workstation with an under-desk CPU holder. Mounting your CPU beneath your desk keeps it safe from accidental damage caused by spills or tipping, and saves space on your floor or desktop.

​- The space-saving CH1 under-desk CPU mount offers 180-degree swivel to give you easy access to ports and cables on the backside of your CPU. 

- Padding dots are included in the CH1’s design to better protect your CPU from scratches or damage while encased in this secure holder. 


Good to know

- No more reaching blindly behind your CPU, hoping to find the right cable. Simply spin it around to see what you’re looking for.

Care & Maintanances

Product Informations


- Height adjustment : 285mm-512mm

- Width adjustment : 128mm-210mm

- 180° swivel, Easy cable access

- Max Load : 15kg