18 Sep 2023

Award Wining Chair: ARICO Premium Leather Chair


During the process of reconnecting with our Malaysia valued customers, we stumbled upon new market demands. Our unwavering commitment to staying attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of domestic office spaces and actively soliciting customer feedback revealed a notable gap in the Malaysia market. We discerned a pressing need for a sleek leather chair with a strong design sensibility, specifically catering to senior managers within the domestic market.

To bridge this conspicuous void, We extend a collaboration proposal to the illustrious German designer, Peter Horn, renowned for clinching both the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award. Thus, the remarkable ARICO series came into fruition. Through numerous iterations and five revisions, the prototype of ARICO began to take shape.

Throughout this journey of incessant communication and dialogues with our design maestro, the design blueprint for ARICO underwent several recalibrations. The ARICO chair that stands before you today bears little resemblance to the initial concept. It has evolved into its finest rendition after undergoing a complete overhaul and undergoing dozens of meticulous adjustments.

Geared towards the distinct usage scenarios of senior management offices and upscale conference rooms, We places paramount emphasis on the seamless fusion of comfort and aesthetics within the ARICO series. We've dedicated substantial time and resources towards the intricate details, ensuring that ARICO delivers an unrivaled experience in these elite settings.